I developed the WillowSpace concept in 2022 while being a Fine Art Masters student at Oxford Brookes University. WillowSpace can be an outdoor exhibition and training space as well as a peaceful space to encourage human-nature connectedness. I approached the Oxford Brookes Science Bazaar Coordinator, Ellie Beaman, and the Brookes Head of Environmental Sustainability, Michele Morley, for a collaboration to build WillowSpace on the pollinator meadow on the Inner Quad next to the Glass Tank gallery. 

The funding was achieved in April 2023 from HEIF Public and Community Engagement Funding, awarded by Michelle Montgomery. WillowSpace was a collaborative and community engagement project where students, staff, and the local community were invited to participate in building the willow structure at workshops on the 14 July 2023 and with the expert help of the amazing willow weavers from Willow Coppice who also supplied all the willow materials. The sculpture measures six meters in diameter and 1.7 meters at its highest point. A film, 11min 9sec, of the building process is available here and another film, 1min 35s, of the final sculpture in its setting - WillowSpace.
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